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Welcome to our Maine Coon kitten breeding website. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Maine Coon kittens to loving homes all over the world.

As a breeder, we understand the importance of producing healthy, happy kittens. Each of our kittens is raised in a home environment where they receive personal attention and socialization from family members. We believe that hand-raising our kittens is crucial in order to ensure that they are well-adjusted and socialized once they leave our care.


Our Maine Coon kittens for sale include kittens in big cat outfits (up to 24 lbs), gentle giants who are playful to old age, and huge loving packages. Maine Coons can also be shy around unfamiliar people, possibly due to their large brains. Over time, however, even the most cautious will get used to it. Most want to be close to you and sit on your lap. They’re true family members and part of all household routines, whether they’re watching you scroll through the channel from the comfort of their couch, or following you from room to room. A former sailor, Maine Coons are fascinated by water, perhaps because their thick coats are waterproof and don’t get soaked as quickly as thinner coats.